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Credit Repair Company | Improve My Credit USA

Break Free...

Inaccurate and unverifiable data can lead to poor credit, high interest rates, employment and loan denial and more. It’s time to break free with the consumer voted number one credit repair company in America.

"The Consumer Voted #1 Credit Repair Company in America" -

Building Credit

Perhaps you've always used cash for your purchases and you've avoided credit cards. Maybe a life event caused you to lose the good credit you once had. Either way, whether just beginning or rebuilding, maintaining...

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Reducing Debt

Once you have opened your new credit cards you can pump up your credit improvement efforts significantly or you can become your own worst enemy. These new little credit cards can make a huge difference in your scores in either...

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Disputing Inaccuracies

Often they are unable to make available the time required to learn the consumer protection rights that protect them or the ability to form a statute-based approach to ensure results. The consumer feels they are doomed...

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Protecting the Good

So what exactly is identity theft? Identity theft occurs at an increasingly alarming rate every day around the world. Many of our clients are past victims of identity theft. Identity theft is the result of someone illegally using your personal...

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Client Story of the Month

Christopher V.

Like most American's, Christopher V. has big dreams. His most recent aspiration is to restore classic cars. "I would love to buy old cars and fix them up. And I love motorcycles- I want to fix a few of those up, too."

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