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Tuesday Tea Award! | ImproveMyCreditUSA

Tuesday Tea Award!


Tuesday Tea Award Winner: Gerson Gramajo


This week’s Tuesday Tea Award goes to Gerson Gramajo! Like most of America, Gerson was home with his family on Sunday with his Super Bowl Snacks in hand. As the Patriots and the Sea Hawks tied up the second quarter, Gerson noticed a text on his phone. Some super football fans would never consider anything work related during what could arguably be the biggest game of the year! But Gerson, being the expert that he is, decided to multitask it. Through conversation he realized that the person he was talking with was a client he had consulted a couple weeks back and now the client was ready to sign up! While Katy Perry rocked the halftime show, Gerson rocked the signup process and before the show was over, Gerson was able to get our client started on their pathway to freedom! So there he goes again; always above and beyond. Congrats Gerson on your Super Bowl Sign Up, and this week’s Tuesday Tea Award!

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