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How Credit Repair Works


Credit Repair - What Is It?

In a 60 Minutes investigative report, Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine, speaking on the credit bureaus stated, "I think the industry is a mess and I think the impact it has on real people is just unconscionable. I think they are breaking the law. There’s no doubt in my mind, they’re breaking the law."

The service of credit repair helps straighten out that mess. How credit repair works then is the process by which credit experts, fighting on your behalf, hold the credit bureaus and creditors accountable to the rules they must follow when reporting items on your credit. Those rules state that everything said about you on your credit profile must be 100% accurate, 100% verifiable, and within the time frames allowed for reporting.


Credit Repair - Verification Process

In the 60 Minutes investigative report on the right, you get a better picture of exactly how broken the credit reporting system is. Without the time and expertise, the process of verifying the information on your credit report can turn into a lengthy nightmare with little to no results.

If you choose to go it alone, it is important that you understand the 300+ rules that govern the industry while also understanding the methods these agencies employ that create frustration and ultimately keep you trapped in credit prison. For obvious reason, we recommend only moving forward with a credit expert at your side.

A disputing nightmare - An excerpt from the 60 minutes investigative report "40 Million Inaccuracies"

Credit Repair - Getting Results

As the bureaus respond to the verification for accuracy requests, it is necessary to respond with a tactical approach. It may also be necessary to work directly with the original creditors. We’ve written a DIY - credit repair E-Book which you can receive as a complimentary gift for visiting our site. Simply complete the form on the left in order to download it. This complimentary guide can walk you through the process of credit improvement to help increase your results.

If you’d like to further enhance your results, we’ve developed a credit repair software that is supported by our very own credit expert team. If you have questions during the process, we’re only a call away. You can download the software here. Finally, for the best results we recommend our full professional services. Request an appointment today.

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